Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nike Golf “Earl And Tiger” Commercial

Tiger’s late father, Earl Woods was used to produce this commercial in which Earl asks his son a few questions about the recent events from beyond the grave.

Great commercial for coming back into the golf game.

Vans for American Rag & Cie

Deluxe La Esquina Fedora

I think i'll wear a fedora with my wall street suit.. but not for $225!

Air Jordan 11 "Silver Anniversery"

see, i dont wear jordans, but when they come out with a shoe like this??? MUST BUY.

Due May 1st.

Indochina Wall Street Suits

ohhhhhhhh i want this soo bad. this is like my dress up style right here. smh.


Stainless Steel Condom Dispenser



Converse Hand-Made Leather Chuck


Versace Baroque-Print Sunglasses

I shall rock these.

Please let this be a new fashion trend this summer!

"Tin Foil" accessories by Maison Martin Margiela

Signet Ring - £119.00
Key Brooch - £109.00

Bracelet - £205.00

Nicki Minaj in XXL

Hmm... looks like a young Lil' Kim??

Microsoft Arc